Let's talk about your marketing plan.

Schedule a brief conversation with me and help me understand your business, goals, and challenges. It's always free, and free of sales talk.

Robert at KPI Marketer

How it Works

Simple. Pick a time that works for you and you'll receive a calendar invitation via email. Your invitation will have a link to Google Meet - whether we talk by phone or video is entirely up to you.

I'll ask you about your business and make every effort to understand where it is and where you want it to be. Then we can talk about potential solutions.


Most everything you need to build and execute a successful marketing plan is free on this site.

Typically this conversation will last about half an hour. You won't hear a sales pitch, and it's my sincere hope we both know more at the end of our conversation than we did at the beginning.

Don't wait, I'm excited to talk to you.

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