Web Design to Convert Visitors Into Customers

Web design has changed a lot in recent years. If you’re a small business owner, it probably doesn’t seem all that long ago that having a website meant a homepage, an about us page, and a contact us page. Your site was static and informational. There was nothing wrong with it.

Maybe that describes your site today. If so, you may be missing opportunities to grow your business.

Web design to help you convert visitors
High-converting web design

Develop a Relationship with Your Visitors

Like anything you buy for your business, your website should provide a return on investment. As the lines between marketing and technology become ever more blurred, you can think of your web design as an important part of your marketing strategy. And, it’s a resource you can control.

People who find your site are looking for information. Whether they find it and how long they stay is up to you. Good, fresh content is one of the most important things you can provide. If you give a visitor something useful, the odds of them remembering your site and returning are much greater.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is my web design visually appealing?
  • Is it easy for people to find what they are looking for?
  • Am I offering something of value to visitors?
  • Am I collecting contact information like email addresses from people interested in learning more?
  • Does my site make it easy for people to take action such as making a purchase, requesting a meeting, or commenting on a blog?

See How Your Website Interacts With Your Other Marketing Platforms

If you are collecting email addresses on your website (you should be), what are you doing with them? Connecting your site to an email marketing platform is both simple and affordable, and will help you stay in touch with your audience.

If you sell products or services on your site, is your checkout experience easy and intuitive? 

There are lots of marketing mediums and platforms, and for the most part they should be orbiting your website.

Your website is the hub of your online marketing
Web design plays a role in your marketing funnels

Web Design and Your Marketing Funnels

There is almost no question your website is a major part of your marketing funnel. If that’s a new term for you, a marketing funnel is the process by which you attract and convert customers. Here’s a simple marketing funnel example:

In this example, the user might find your content via search or social media and go to your website to view it. Next, when you send the prospect an email, the offer it contains is likely to be a link to another page on your site. Finally, your prospect may make a purchase on your website.

For these reasons, great web design and an intuitive user experience is critical to your marketing success.


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