The Right Marketing Consultant Can Change the Trajectory of Your Business, Fast.

When you engage the right marketing consultant, you tap into ideas and solutions that can point your business in a new direction.

Marketing consultant services

What is a Marketing Consultant?

A marketing consultant acts as a neutral third party to advise businesses on how to improve their return on investment. When you enlist a consultant, it typically is a short-term agreement lasting a few months to a year (or more).

Among other functions, a marketing consultant will work with you to create and implement a marketing strategy.

Defining a marketing consultant
Functions of a marketing consultant

What You Can Expect

While a consultant’s overall mission is to create value for your business, there are actions he or she will perform. For example:

  • Evaluate the current state of your business and its marketing efforts
  • Create a series of suggestions for improvement
  • Develop, implement, and execute a marketing plan for your business
  • Train and coach your employees in a way that leads to sustainable culture change
  • Monitor and report on progress using well-defined key performance indicators

What Skills Should I Look For

Your consultant should be comfortable in the boardroom and in the trenches. Perhaps the most valuable asset to look for is leadership. The best marketing consultants will help you change the culture in your business, instilling the principles of accountability, engagement, and ownership.

Beyond that, your consultant should be a T-shaped marketer.

Defining a T-shaped Marketer

A T-shaped executive willfully shares knowledge across the organization while remaining loyal to his or her department. This helps drive success and coordination across the organization.

In marketing, being T-shaped also means having a broad range of skills rather than a narrow area of expertise. So, a good marketing consultant will have knowledge in things like:

  • Paid advertising
  • Content marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Email marketing
  • eCommerce
  • KPIs and analytics

It can be helpful to visualize the actual “T” shape.

T-shaped Marketer
When to hire

When to Hire a Marketing Consultant

A marketing consultant or Fractional CMO can bring significant value to any small business or startup. Your needs may arise when you:

  • Are thinking of rebranding
  • Believe your marketing efforts are not producing acceptable results
  • You would rather focus on product development or running your business
  • Believe you need a new perspective or shift in culture on your team
  • Want to launch a new product
  • Need to train, or hire, a marketing team

Wrapping Up

Finding a good marketing consultant isn’t easy, but it is worthwhile. The right one can transform your business and bring perspective you simply haven’t seen before. 

Our primary focus is to create value for your business.

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